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Generic Name Dosage Price
Aceite Alcamporado 60ml   _   P 28.00
Aceite De Manzanilla (CHAMOMILE OIL) 30ml   _   P 14.00
Acetylcisteine 200mg Granules   per sachet   P 17.25
Acetylcisteine Tab 600mg Effervescent   per tab   P 37.50
Alfuzosin Tab 10mg (SANDOZ)   per tab   P 47.00
Allopurinol Tab 100mg (SANDOZ)   per tab   P 4.75
Allopurinol Tab 100mg (ALLUPREX)   per tab   P 1.25
Allopurinol Tab 300mg (ALLUPREX)   per tab   P 2.50
Ambroxol Cap 75mg (SOLVOMAX)   per cap   P 22.00
Ambroxol Drops 6mg/mL (MUCOSOLVE)   15 mL Bot.   P 27.00
Ambroxol Syrup 15mg/5mL (MUCOSOLVE)   60 mL Bot.   P 28.00
Ambroxol Syrup 30mg/5mL (TGP UNIBRAND)   60 mL Bot.   P 33.00
Ambroxol Tab 30mg (MUCOSOLVE)   per tab   P 1.00
Amikacin Sulfate Vial 125mg/2mL   per vial   P 60.00
Amikacin Sulfate Vial 250mg/2mL   per vial   P 94.00
Amikacin Sulfate Vial 50mg/2mL   per vial   P 54.00
Aminophylline Amp 25mg/mL   per amp   P 52.00
Amiodarone Tab 200mg (AMIO)   per tab   P 21.00
Amlodipine Besilate T10mg (AMLOREX)   per tab   P 1.25
Amlodipine Besylate Tab 10mg (NEPIDOL)   per tab   P 1.25
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